AIA Courses


As an AIA/CES Registered Provider, our presentation helps architects, contractors, and other members of the building community to better understand the products used within our industry. 


Drexel Metals (provider #K259) proudly offers three registered AIA/CES presentations:

Sustainable Design using Metal Roofing

Presentation attendees will learn about the environment benefits of installing metal including but not limited to; life cycle costs, maintenance benefits for owners, cool attributes , explanation of LEED credits and brief overview of various solar technologies including glass, thin film and thermal systems.  The seminar will also touch on the tools you’ll need to find state incentives, solar output, system sizing, tracking results and other basic tools to properly figure a solar metal roof system.

Length: 1 hour                      Credits: 1 SE/HSW

Making the Educated Choice

Presentation attendees will be supplied with an overview of Metal Roofing –including but not limited to;  substrates, how systems are assembled, the technology behind the paint systems, types of metals roofing products, warranties available and the multiple design choices that metal roofing offers.

Length: 1 hour                      Credits: 1 LU/HSW

Understanding Metal Roofing Systems and the Tests behind them

This presentation explains in detail each test that is perfrormed on a metal roof systems and how they actually apply to the real world.

Length: 1 hour                      Credits: 1 LU/HSW

For more information contact:

Brian Partyka