The Benefits of Metal Roofing

More Than Meets the Eye

There is a wealth of benefits to Drexel Metals engineered metal roofing, including:

DURABILITY- Drexel Metals roofing lasts up to 3 times longer than asphalt roofs. LEARN MORE!

SAFETY- Drexel Metals roofing is tested to withstand gale to hurricane force winds, hail, fire, and wind-driven rain. LEARN MORE!

EFFICIENCY- Drexel Metals roofing reduces trapped heat in the summer and help prevent energy loss during the winter. Plus, utilize reflective pigments to reduce cooling costs. LEARN MORE!

STYLISH- Drexel Metals turns roofing into an art form with cutting-edge custom capabilities and artisan mastery. LEARN MORE!

MAINTENANCE- Drexel Metals roofing requires very little to no maintenance and comes with a 20-year weather tight warranty. LEARN MORE!

COST VALUE- Along with the economic benefits mentioned above, properties with metal roofs can increase resale values by up to XY%. LEARN MORE!