Certified Installer Program

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Drexel Metals Certified Installer Program

At Drexel Metals we understand the importance of a proper installation of our products.  That's why we have our customers enroll in the Drexel Metals Certified Installer program and we allow them to carry and use our quality Certified Installer seal. 

Here are some hightlights of our progam:

•Drexel Metals installer who services a local area by manufacturing and/or install Drexel Metals Metal Roofing branded systems.
•Drexel Metals acts as the Installers back office support while the contractor focuses on building their local market through Drexel Metals marketing initiatives, code approvals and full system program.
•Participates in Drexel Metals WTW Program
Additional Requirements:
•Properly Licensed
–Licensed by their State to perform ROOFING work (applied in states where licensing is available)
•Adequately Insured
–Must provide Proof of Insurance
•(General Liability and Workman's Compensation)
•Quality Reputation
–Reference provided
•Social Media Searched (Google Reviews/Angie's List)
•Ongoing Training and Safety Initiatives