Drexel Metals Programs


Our business model is simple; be the very best at offering regional manufacturers the tools they need to take market share from the traditional bricks and mortar factories. At Drexel Metals, we look at the metal roofing industry differently; it’s a "think local®" approach made up of a national network of local "in your town" manufacturers and installers that take pride in American-made products! Using local empowerment, made-in-America sensibilities, and crafting a safe, attractive, and endlessly reliable product, our local DM-ARM members further market Drexel Metals' proven-brand products. What's a DM-ARM? It a member of our Drexel Metals Association of Regional Manufacturers who are all site-certified by Drexel Metals and participate in industry-leading metal roofing, engineering, and warranty programs. It's what we like to call Metal Roofing On-Demand and it's everything the traditional factories can do and a lot more. 


Our DM-ARM program is made up of two classifications; a Certified Installer and an Authorized Manufacturer. Our DM-ARM members along with our strategy and investments in this local market approach are the true definition of disintermediation and are the future of the metal roofing industry.

Seal_Certif Installer.jpgARM Author Fabric.jpg

Be sure to look for the DM-ARM seal and the 100+ proud members of our association. "Their growth has been remarkable" adds Brian Partyka, EVP of Business Development for Drexel Metals. "It's amazing to watch what happens when you provide back-office support to the local guys. They take the ball and run with it and it's awesome to watch them go. The cool part of our program is when a customer calls you on his ride home on Friday night to let me know that they won a huge project because of the program we offer! It's so much fun and rewarding and it is the foundation of what business and partnerships are built on!" adds Partyka.

Interested in becoming a DM-ARM member? Click the button below to enroll as a Certified Installer or an Authorized Fabricator today.