Metshield Underlayment


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Drexel Metals Inc proudly promotes and sells Metshield Synthetic Underlayment! 

Metshield Synthetic, our premium synthetic roof underlayment, is among the safest, strongest, and best-performing roof underlayments on the market. It balances strength and weight, provides dynamic steep-slope traction, and will not buckle, warp or crack. Metshield Sythetic is rated for commercial and residential applications using plastic cap fasteners and roofing nails (3/8-inch head), and is an ideal underlayment for asphalt, shingles, metal, tile, slate, and a variety of sloped roofing materials. Skid-resistant surfaces and the proprietary textured surface make Metshield Sythetic, the best choice for steep slope applications. Whether you're working on a Metshield Sythetic,-protected roof, or living underneath one, you'll appreciate our quality.


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Roll Size: 48" x 250' - 1,000SF
UV Exposure: 6 Months
Roofing Nails: Recommended
Plastic Cap Nails: Approved but not required

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