Product Downloads

We want to make life easy for our we've created a simple download page for our products!

Metal Roof Systems


DMC 200S - 2" Standing Seam

DMC 175S - 1.750" Snap Lock

200.S Data_RevFnl.pdf-1.jpg 6_175.S Data fnl_nh.pdf-1.jpg

DMC 150SS - 1.5" Standing Seam

DMC 150SL - 1.5" Snap Lock

2_150.SS Data fnl_nh-1.jpg 5_150.SL Data fnl_nh-1.jpg

DMC 450 - 1.5" Snap Lock

DMC 450SL - 1.5" Snap Lock

450 Panel Data-1.jpg 450SL Panel Data-1.jpg

DMC 550 - 1.5" Snap Lock

DMC100SS - 1" Nail Flange

7_550.S Data fnl_nh-1.jpg 4_100.NS Data fnl_nh-1.jpg

DMC100SS - 1" Standing Seam

DMC 5V - Key West Style

1_100.SS Data fnl_nh-1.jpg 11_5V Data fnl_nh.jpg

DMC Corrugated and 7.2 Panel

DMC Batten Systems

Corrug and 7.2 Panels-1.jpg 9_Cap.Batten Data fnl_nh.jpg

Drexel Metals Bermuda

Panel Rib Options

12_Bermu Data fnl_nh.jpg Panel Rib FnlRev2.jpg

Flush Wall and Soffit Panel

Custom Cornice

Flush Data Sheet Rev.jpg 17_Cornice Data fnl-nh-1.jpg

Column Covers

Custom Trim

20_Column Data fnl_nh.jpg

18_Trim Data fnl_nh-1.jpg

ES-1 Metal Edge Systems

Drexel Metals Paint Pen

Perimeter Data Fnl Rev.jpg Pen Sales Sheet3_LR-1.jpg

Sheet and Coil

Speciality Metals

22_Sheet.Coil Data fnl_nh.jpg 21_Special Met Data fnl_nh.jpg

Flush Panel Systems

Warranty Information

19_Soffit Data fnl_nh.jpg 15_Warranty Data fnl_nh.jpg

MetShield High Temp UDL

MetShield Synthetic UDL

13_Met HiTemp Data fnl_nh-1.jpg 14_Met Synthet Data fnl_nh-1.jpg

Snow Retention

LEED Information

16_Colorgard Data fnl_nh.jpg 29_LEED Data Final.jpg